Back to the future and rewriting history 

A tube becomes a handlebar or a an seat post. And several tubes become a bicycle frame. When looking at new materials and new drivetrains more than shapes are changing.

"We've always done that" is one of the most difficult statements. Because the change is exponential, while our resources suffer from declining marginal growth.
Bicycle production is 200 years old, but the current base industry is still based on (19) 70s and 80s technologies. Even the current e-bike production is based on the 1993 YAMAHA PAS (power assist system) concept.
German company Rehau develops a modern frame made of plastic sheets,  Austrian Plasticinnovation even in one piece with fluid-injection technology. And yet our world is flooded with the cheapest MO and O bikes.
In the bicycle industry we call ourselves innovative - but in reality we use an adapter to fix an adapter.

Don´t copy others product, don't live others life, go your own way, there are plenty possibilities in the market. 

When Gottlieb Daimler put the engine in the horse wagon, the created a new vehicle. Same he did with Wilhelm Maybach when using a motor on a bicycle in 1885.

Now the e-motors a creating new urban vehicles and also new sports equipment.

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